October 17, 2014

Building An Ark

NH got nailed by heavy rains yesterday. There were flash flood warnings all day long. It finally stopped late, but this was what it looked like. The big band of yellow and red basically moved west to cover all of NH and it was NASTY! I am so glad I was inside!

October 4, 2014

Friday, Phew

Thie week was year end inventory for mom. She did inventory (with a really cool bar code gun) at her location on Monday and then went to the other store on Wednesday. She spent yesterday reconciling the other store. She's tired. She says she feels like I look in the above photo. She says she wouldn't mind being me for a day or two. HA! She'd be bored before the first day was over! I on the other hand, know a good thing when I have it! And I have a good life