August 12, 2013

Mom Is Weird

One of the major supermarket chains decided to close all their stores in New Hampshire this week. It is not the grocery store mom and dad usually shop at (the jar of yeast was $3.00 more than mom usually pays). So they decided to have 50% off EVERYTHING. The place was a zoo and the shelves were almost bare but mom and dad got a few things (actually they bough over $250.00 worth of groceries for $137.00) and one of the things mom bought was this little pan to make fried eggs in. Mom can't wait to try it out. I tell you, she's WEIRD. A pan just for one egg! Now I won't get any egg from her. :(

Happy Birthday Dad

Today is Dad's birthday. Here he is being typically dad-like. PlusOne  gets his sense of humor from Dad (thank goodness).Lucky and I want to tell everyone how much we love Dad and how glad we are he's our Dad (especially since he is a LOT less stingy than mom when it comes to giving us food).

Happy Birthday, Dad. We love you!

August 2, 2013

Happy Birthday!!!

Today we are 8. Woo hoo!  The Mom says that we can have a house-trashing party since she's been so busy and has ignored us for weeks so everyone head on over.  We heard a rumor that there will be vanilla ice creams tonight after dinner, so plan to hang out all day.  You don't want to miss vanilla ice creams!

Wordless Wednesday