January 29, 2013

Where Was I??

This is my fur-cousin, Millie. Millie is a kitty. Auntie likes to call her the bionic kitty because she has a metal rod in her leg. In the beginning, Millie's life wasn't all indoors, warm and all the real life dead beef you could eat. Because as a teeny tiny kitty, Millie was run over by a CAR! Yup, you heard me. A CAR! Then she had an operation and then they had to find a home for her, so she wasn't spoiled rotten from the get go. But we can all agree she deserves it now.

And that is why Millie feels safer indoors. And who can blame her. I have been IN a car, but never run over by one, thank goodness. From the photo above, you can see that Millie and I share the love of being warm and eating BEEF. We also like jumping ON things, though Millie is probably better at getting DOWN than I am.

And oh yeah, hiding under stuff. Here I am on top of the clean laundry and underneath mom's black skirt. heh heh

But I STILL can't understand why Millie doesn't like broccoli, green beans, asparagus, popcorn, cheese and TUNA!!! I though all kitties liked TUNA! But as the old saying goes, if we were all the same, life would be boring. And this way, there is WAY more tuna, broccoli and green beans for me. lol

January 17, 2013

Saved by the Paw!


Its been a minute since I last posted! Like always, a lot has went on since my last Treatland Crisis. It has gotten much much better though thanks to my good friends at The Petite Paw!

Its pretty darn sad that the 'rents have to wait until I win a dog treat contest, in order to remember that I have been out of 'poopie outside snacks' for weeks now!- I see it as my Bulldog Treat Stimulus package, myself! You should have seen my 'rent's eyes when they opened the package -addressed to me- and see it was chocked full of healthy treats - it was priceless!! Oh, and they were the perfect treats to serve as an automatic guilt trip too! There was at least a pound of individually wrapped Happy Hips brand treats for joint mobility AND they were all healthy ingredients- which my mom apparently loves since she is so picky what she 'lets' me eat.

I just sat back and looked at them with my 'But I was just innocently sitting over here' eyes while they opened my empty treat jar and stuffed them inside. I of course, made sure they saw me posing as I sniffed the air for good measure. They knew they couldnt get anything past me.

So, like I was hoping for, the rents continued to buy me more Happy Hips to replinish the loot I scored with The Petite Paw! Thanks a lot and for that you get this award! -->

Ill post more later on how I got attacked by a goose! No- NOT COOL!!!

January 12, 2013


Ah, the weekend, that time when we get to sleep late, relax and not have to work hard every day. Hey, that sounds like what I do every day as it is! Life is so awesome being a pampered pug,

January 9, 2013

She's At It Again!

Yup. Mom decided her sewing table was too small and not very sturdy. So off to one of her favorite stores where she came back with this.

But that was too high, so mom replaced the end cabinet with another cabinet she had.
Much better! Plus, it's already the correct color. Mom's not sure what color the top should be, so she is going to "think" about it for a while (in other words she's going to wait until it gets warmer to paint). She also is looking at different chairs and some sort of bookcase/shelf unit. So, it's a work in progress. Oh boy!

January 5, 2013

Froot Bat Friday

Our hearts are heavy at Casa de Furry Kids.  Titus had to be unexpectedly helped to the Bridge yesterday.  We're super sad, but we know he's up there chasing squirrels and eating delicious snacks and bunny-napping bunnies and hanging out with his sister, Shadow, and all of his furriends who came before and *not* having to listen to anyone saying, "Gimme some froooooootbaaaaaaat." We love you, Boney.  Thank you for choosing us to be your family.    


January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

Lucky and I want to wish each and every one of you a Happy & Prosperous New Year! Enjoy the day.