December 7, 2013

Tattle Tale Tuesday

Apparently, it's now December. Which means that it's time to prepare for the cold weather.As you can see, I am prepared. I would prefer to stay in bed with mom but.... this is the next best thing.

Thursday Three

Three photos of PlusOne and Santa. Hey, how come I never got a photo taken with Santa!!!

November 9, 2013

Thinking Of Taking A Trip

I am thinking of taking a small jaunt across the country so mom will miss me terribly and realize that she needs to do a better job of taking care of me. I think I shall head south and see who I can find. Hopefully it will be warm down south. It could be warm at my house if mom would cover me with the blanket, but you know how she gets!

October 4, 2013

Green Bean Friday

Last night Mom went out and picked some green beans for her lunch today. After she cooked them, she decided I could have a couple. Yummy! I will be bumming when it gets to cold and my fresh fresh fresh green beans are gone until next summer. I don't even want to think about that.

September 9, 2013

Mancat Monday

Dad brought us a new scratcher.  You can make it be L-shaped or a triangle.  It's tall, so it's good for stretching out and really digging your clawrs in.  Dad has been flipping it back and forth to see which way we like best.  I thought I liked it as the triangle, but here I am testing out the L-shape.  It's going to be a tough decision.

You Know

You know, when mom envisioned sunflowers outside the house, this is what she pictured. It's nice when your dream becomes reality, isn't it.

September 1, 2013

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Mom wants relaxing day today. I think I will join her. Do you want to join us as well?

August 12, 2013

Mom Is Weird

One of the major supermarket chains decided to close all their stores in New Hampshire this week. It is not the grocery store mom and dad usually shop at (the jar of yeast was $3.00 more than mom usually pays). So they decided to have 50% off EVERYTHING. The place was a zoo and the shelves were almost bare but mom and dad got a few things (actually they bough over $250.00 worth of groceries for $137.00) and one of the things mom bought was this little pan to make fried eggs in. Mom can't wait to try it out. I tell you, she's WEIRD. A pan just for one egg! Now I won't get any egg from her. :(

Happy Birthday Dad

Today is Dad's birthday. Here he is being typically dad-like. PlusOne  gets his sense of humor from Dad (thank goodness).Lucky and I want to tell everyone how much we love Dad and how glad we are he's our Dad (especially since he is a LOT less stingy than mom when it comes to giving us food).

Happy Birthday, Dad. We love you!

August 2, 2013

Happy Birthday!!!

Today we are 8. Woo hoo!  The Mom says that we can have a house-trashing party since she's been so busy and has ignored us for weeks so everyone head on over.  We heard a rumor that there will be vanilla ice creams tonight after dinner, so plan to hang out all day.  You don't want to miss vanilla ice creams!

Wordless Wednesday

July 23, 2013

Did Someone Say Cake?

That's home mom got Lucky and me in the car. By saying there would be cake. Naturally we didn't get any. Maybe I should sue for false advertising.

July 14, 2013

Sharknado Fun

PlusOne is a typical 16 year old boy and he does things other typical 16 year old boys do, including watching really BAD, really LAME, really STUPID movies like "Sharknado". He dragged mom into watching the last half hour with him. They had a lot of fun laughing at how incredibly bad it was and how totally impossible the storyline was.

Turns out they weren't the only people laughing at it. It's all over the internet and Twitter. Mom even found this article on NPR! She was reading the article and the comments at work and she was laughing so hard she was crying. Her co-worker thought she was going to lose it (didn't she know mom has ALREADY lost it).

Anyway, if you want a totally implausible and absolutely brainless, give it a look, but don't blame mom if you have nightmares afterwards. lol

Tazo Tummy Tuesday

This is me, just having a little snooze with my Daddy.  Mama tried to snorgle my belleh, but she sort of maybe got a bit of a bunnykick to the face. hee hee

July 2, 2013


If you look closely on the right side of the top plant and in the center of the bottom plant, you can see more strawberries are growing. Mom is very excited that they are doing well. Tomorrow she will post photos of the blackberries. They are coming along like gangbusters. I can't WAIT to try them out!

June 14, 2013

Getting To Bed On Time

Or rather, getting to bed early. Either way, mom has been trying to get to bed by 11:00 pm. She actually succeeded for three days in a row, that's big, let me tell you. She is working her way to 10:30 pm every night, but it may take another week. I am sure you all know about parents doing things they are not supposed to, well, this is mom's bad habit. Don't you worry, I am helping her break it. She doesn't get cuddles and snuggles unless she GOES TO BED. I think that's brilliant, don't you?

June 1, 2013

Remember That Saying

Be careful what you wish for, because you may get it

Yeah, I wasn't careful and I got my wish. Hot Hot Hot. Mom put the bedroom air conditioners in last night. It's gonna be a HOT summer, I think.

But I DO love my sunshine.

May 11, 2013

Mom Is

Just plain tired. She has been traveling to the other store all week to put bar code labels on all the 2400 pieces of inventory. Everything from area rugs to wall decor, lamps and sofas, throws and accessories. She is tired of standing ALL DAY LONG after driving an hour in the morning and hour in the afternoon (mom hates driving). Now she has to solve the puzzle of why she has over 200 labels left and where all those pieces went. sigh. I am SO glad I am a pampered pug.

May 3, 2013

A Little Cooler

It is supposed to be cooler today than it has been all week (the 70's). I'm okay with that, as long as it's sunny. Lucky doesn't care either way. She's happy if it's raining, snowing or sunny. As you can tell by the photos, Lucky is pretty happy just to be.

I like more of a challenge, but then I AM a Devil Dog.

April 22, 2013

Having Fun

Don't mind us, we're having fun down in Connecticut and we'll be back to tell you all about it tomorrow. Hope PlusOne and Dad survived without us!

April 13, 2013


I can't even go there. We probably won't get snow, but we are supposed to get SLUSH which is worse than snow. I am going to start calling this the winter that will NEVER END!!!!

April 4, 2013


Mom woke up with a sore throat yesterday morning. I am worried she is getting sick. (When mom gets a sore throat, she usually gets Strep!) I am going to make certain she drinks lots of fluids and goes to bed EARLY! Yup, just call me Nurse Roxy. Actually, Dragon Nurse Roxy, if that's what it takes to get mom to bed early!

March 29, 2013

Cleared For Take-Off

 Mom took Lucky and I to the VET yesterday. She said it was because we were going to some Fling in Connecticut in April. I think she just wanted to see me get poked and prodded. The Vet, Doctor LovesMeAWholeLot said that if Mom is abusing me, I can go live with him. Mom said "no way". Anyway, the Doctor says I am perfect, perfect, perfect. My heart, eyes, teeth and weight are all perfect. Though at 15.6 lbs, I have lost 2-1/2 pounds in the past year. Doctor LovesMeAWholeLot said that will keep my heart strong and make me live longer, but mom thinks I should GAIN a pound, so she gave me MORE food. How AWESOME is that???

Anyway, Lucky and I are cleared for our Fling. We can't wait to meet all our Pug Blogger Buddies.

March 22, 2013

There Is Nothing Better

Than snuggling while wrapped warmly in a blankie! Don't you agree?

March 12, 2013

My Birthday!

Today is my ninth birthday! Can you believe it? It felt like it was only yesterday that I was the picture of cuteness, sweetness and innocence! Yeah, I know, the last one is hard to believe, but... believe it or not I was once too small to get into trouble. Didn't last long though! lol
Happy Birthday to me!

March 4, 2013

Long Arm Quilting

Mom is going to a Long Arm Quilting class tonight with her BFF Blondie! I don't know what that it, but it sounds..... interesting, I think.

In other news, it's the weekend and it HASN'T snowed yet. Dare I hope that we won't get snow one weekend? Or will my say that jinx it and we'll have a blizzard on Monday. Oh well, it's March, which means spring can't be too far away. Can it?

February 19, 2013

Wild Winds!

As mom writes this, it is 16 degrees F. But taking into account the wind, it FEELS like 1 degree F. The winds are 25 - 30 mph, which doesn't SOUND like much, but if you HEARD the walls being hit by the wind, you'd agree with me that the best place to be is under a BUNCH of blankets. Poor Dad has to work outside and mom bets he is going to be one frozen dadsicle when he comes home from work. It will be Lucky and my job to thaw him out then warm him up. Stay warm everyone!

February 11, 2013

NOT Funny!!!

One of the FB pug people saw the photo in yesterday's post and thought it would make a great meme. Thanks a LOT! Now mom feels like a bad pet owner! As if!

February 2, 2013

How Do Dogs Understand Words?

How Do Dogs Understand WordsWhen you talk to your dog, does he tilt his head and act as if he’s really listening to you? Do you ever wonder if he really understands what you’re saying? There is quite a bit of research that suggests he can and does understand you. In fact, many experts now believe that dogs can process and understand language at the level of a typical three-year-old, and an average dog can learn up to 160 words. With consistent training, some dogs are even able to master 200 or more words.How do they do this? Dogs learn words through a process known as fast mapping.


Essentially, when you consistently use the same word or group of words for an object or concept, the dog learns to associate those words with the object or concept you are referring to. For instance, if you say “go for a walk” every time you are preparing to take him out for a walk, he will learn to associate the phrase, or even just the word “walk,” with going for a walk, leading him to run to the door every time you use that phrase.
This same process can lead to negative associations as well. Many dogs have learned to run and hide at the mere mention of the words “bath” and “vet” because the use of those words has preceded an unpleasant experience. If there is a strong emotional experience associated with the word, whether very positive or very negative, a single experience may be all that’s needed to learn the word.

It’s not what you say…

Tone of voice also has a big impact on developing a dog’s understanding of words. When you use a harsh, firm tone of voice, the dog may not know the word, but will understand that you are voicing disapproval and will react accordingly. In the same way, you can create a positive association with a word by speaking the word in a cheerful, upbeat way that signals praise or excitement. The proper use of tone can be a very powerful tool when training your dog, allowing you to alter a dog’s response by altering your tone of voice.
Most fascinating of all, a study done by German researchers in 2005 on a Border Collie named Rico, indicates that some dogs not only learn specific words associated with specific objects, but they are also able to think about what is being said and understand it well enough to learn new words by process of elimination.
Rico was asked to retrieve toys from another room by name. When an unfamiliar toy was placed in the room and Rico was asked to retrieve the toy by giving him an unfamiliar word, he retrieved the correct toy, indicating that he understood the unfamiliar word referred to the unfamiliar toy by eliminating the toys he knew by name. Later, when more unfamiliar toys were added and he was asked to retrieve the toy with the new word he had been given, he correctly retrieved the new toy again, showing that he had already learned the new word and associated it with the new toy.
While your furry friend may not be a super dog, with consistency and a bit of training, you can feel confident knowing that your dog really does understand what you’re saying when you talk to him.

Going To The Vet!

Not me, Lucky! When Dad wakes up in the early am (3:30 am) Lucky barks to let him know she can hear him. Well, not the other morning. Dad heard HER! She was breathing really, really hard, her mouth was open like she was panting but she wasn't panting, more like growling and her sides were pumping in and out like a fire bellows. Mom woke up to this (because Dad put her on our bed) and was TOTALLY freaked out. She didn't know if Lucky was choking on something, or something was caught in her tummy, or lungs. Mom stayed awake for a half hour before deciding to go back to sleep and take Lucky to the vet first thing in the am.

But when mom woke up to go to work, Lucky was FINE. Absolutely FINE. She hasn't done it again, but mom is taking no chances. She wants to make sure Lucky is A-okay. And so do PlusOne and I!

January 29, 2013

Where Was I??

This is my fur-cousin, Millie. Millie is a kitty. Auntie likes to call her the bionic kitty because she has a metal rod in her leg. In the beginning, Millie's life wasn't all indoors, warm and all the real life dead beef you could eat. Because as a teeny tiny kitty, Millie was run over by a CAR! Yup, you heard me. A CAR! Then she had an operation and then they had to find a home for her, so she wasn't spoiled rotten from the get go. But we can all agree she deserves it now.

And that is why Millie feels safer indoors. And who can blame her. I have been IN a car, but never run over by one, thank goodness. From the photo above, you can see that Millie and I share the love of being warm and eating BEEF. We also like jumping ON things, though Millie is probably better at getting DOWN than I am.

And oh yeah, hiding under stuff. Here I am on top of the clean laundry and underneath mom's black skirt. heh heh

But I STILL can't understand why Millie doesn't like broccoli, green beans, asparagus, popcorn, cheese and TUNA!!! I though all kitties liked TUNA! But as the old saying goes, if we were all the same, life would be boring. And this way, there is WAY more tuna, broccoli and green beans for me. lol

January 17, 2013

Saved by the Paw!


Its been a minute since I last posted! Like always, a lot has went on since my last Treatland Crisis. It has gotten much much better though thanks to my good friends at The Petite Paw!

Its pretty darn sad that the 'rents have to wait until I win a dog treat contest, in order to remember that I have been out of 'poopie outside snacks' for weeks now!- I see it as my Bulldog Treat Stimulus package, myself! You should have seen my 'rent's eyes when they opened the package -addressed to me- and see it was chocked full of healthy treats - it was priceless!! Oh, and they were the perfect treats to serve as an automatic guilt trip too! There was at least a pound of individually wrapped Happy Hips brand treats for joint mobility AND they were all healthy ingredients- which my mom apparently loves since she is so picky what she 'lets' me eat.

I just sat back and looked at them with my 'But I was just innocently sitting over here' eyes while they opened my empty treat jar and stuffed them inside. I of course, made sure they saw me posing as I sniffed the air for good measure. They knew they couldnt get anything past me.

So, like I was hoping for, the rents continued to buy me more Happy Hips to replinish the loot I scored with The Petite Paw! Thanks a lot and for that you get this award! -->

Ill post more later on how I got attacked by a goose! No- NOT COOL!!!

January 12, 2013


Ah, the weekend, that time when we get to sleep late, relax and not have to work hard every day. Hey, that sounds like what I do every day as it is! Life is so awesome being a pampered pug,

January 9, 2013

She's At It Again!

Yup. Mom decided her sewing table was too small and not very sturdy. So off to one of her favorite stores where she came back with this.

But that was too high, so mom replaced the end cabinet with another cabinet she had.
Much better! Plus, it's already the correct color. Mom's not sure what color the top should be, so she is going to "think" about it for a while (in other words she's going to wait until it gets warmer to paint). She also is looking at different chairs and some sort of bookcase/shelf unit. So, it's a work in progress. Oh boy!

January 5, 2013

Froot Bat Friday

Our hearts are heavy at Casa de Furry Kids.  Titus had to be unexpectedly helped to the Bridge yesterday.  We're super sad, but we know he's up there chasing squirrels and eating delicious snacks and bunny-napping bunnies and hanging out with his sister, Shadow, and all of his furriends who came before and *not* having to listen to anyone saying, "Gimme some froooooootbaaaaaaat." We love you, Boney.  Thank you for choosing us to be your family.