September 29, 2012

Preparing For 1000 Pugs

There is talk that mom wants to give us a bath so we are nice and clean for Sunday. It better be a rumor, that's all I can tell you!

September 18, 2012

Mom Knows Best???

Mom made green beans last night. And do you think I got any, huh, ANY????
You went outside with mom while she was picking them and she gave you several, if I recall correctly.
Uh, yeah, but those were RAW. RAW I tell you.
Since when don't you like raw green beans. You ate them pretty quickly for them being raw and all.
Well.... I wanted cooked green beans. Cooked I tell you.
Like the ones mom gave us when she was putting the green beans in containers for her lunches for the week? Like those COOKED ones?
Well.... there weren't ENOUGH of them, yeah, that's right. There weren't ENOUGH of them.
Maybe mom didn't want to pick up green bean poop because you PIGGED out on green beans. Maybe mom knows best.
????? NOOOOOO! She doesn't know what's best for me. I do and only ME!
Uh huh. Yup. Okay. Whatever you say. 

September 14, 2012

Thursday Trouble

 The fruit was in it. And it was a gift. Need I say more.

September 6, 2012

Mancat Monday on Wednesday

This is the very dirty look that I'm giving Dad.  I've got lots to be crabilated about.  Dad and The Mom wented away for a few days and they didn't take us.  I saw pictures of where they went and it looked like a giant litterbox as far as the eye could see.  Why couldn't they bring us?  I mean Auntie LG stayed with us and we had a super duper fun time, but that giant litterbox looked super awesome.  Then they came home and they didn't bring us anything.  Not even a tiny snack.  Or a bag of nip.  And THEN, The Mom hasn't been helping us with our bloggie, so Mancat Monday doesn't get posted until Wednesday?  What the paw?!?!?!

On the plus side, somecat had an out of litterbox experience while they were gone and The Mom founded it the first thing when she got home.  The Mom doesn't know who did it and we're not telling. heh heh  

September 3, 2012

Charlee Bears

I may talk about alot of kinds of treats, but these are my favorite for sure! I love them because they are small enough my Chihuahuas can eat them fast enough for training, and big enough I can use them for the Irish Setters. The problem with big treats and Chihuahuas is that if it's too big, they go off to another place to crunch on it, distracting them from training. But if they are small enough, they will chew them and wait for more! That's why Charlee Bears are so great!

They are also great for having in your pocket, because they don't dry out like the jerky treats, and they are not wet and messy in your pocket.

Also, there are very few dogs who do not like the Cheese and Egg Charlee Bears. All of my picky eaters like them! Even the puppies go wild when they come out! They also have two other flavours, Liver and Turkey Liver & Cranberry. I have never tried a fresh bag of the Liver, but the Turkey Liver and Cranberry ones they seem to enjoy. They do not go as crazy for them as they do the Cheese and Egg though. Fleury didn't really like them at first actually, but she does now. For more info go to

Busy Bones

For the longest time I put off buying a Purina Busy Bone cause of the price. I think they are 4-5 dollars each. But the other day I was feeling generous so I bought two. Finn was so pumped when he got his, Maeve didn't really care ( she eventually hid it in the bush I think). I was so impressed with it. I thought it would be gone in minutes, but Finn took nearly an hour to eat it! A WHOLE HOUR!! That alone makes it worth the 5 bucks it costs. I will definitely be buying more!

That day I also bought the Dental Busy Bone. It is a bit smaller and a different shape. I made the mistake of giving another one to Maeve, who hid it in the bush ( Maybe she goes back and finds them when I am not around, I dunno, but she is not getting any more bones outside again!). Finn snatched his up immediately and began chewing. Unfortunately, it only took him like 10 minutes to eat. They were a bit cheaper, but I won't buy them again.

They also have the Busy Bone Ultimate that we haven't tried yet... that is next!

For more info got to

No More Chewing

I have found a miracle product!! LOL!

Grannick's Bitter Apple spray is designed to discourage fur biting, hair chewing and hot spots. But that't not all it works for! Finn is a very destructive pup, he chews everything he can get his mouth around, and usually detroys it. We started spraying the Bitter Apple solution on everything, and WOW! It works great. He curls up his lip in disgust at the smell of the stuff. He won't chew anything that has it on it! I am so impressed!

I also breed Chihuahuas, and I now have 5 week old puppies running around my living room. Chihuahua puppies LOVE to chew on cords! This litter just started chewing on cords two days ago, so about 15 minutes ago I caught one of them. I immediatly went to grad my Bitter Apple spray and voila! No more chewing. He tried, but was very disgruntled with the new flavor!

Have you tried this at all? Let me know what you used it on and how it works!

Just a word of caution, some dogs LOVE the flavor of this! So try it out on something small before you spray it everywhere!

Grannick's also had several other taste deterrent products for all types of animals! Check out their website for more info:

Vitality - Dogswell

A while back I had a Dogswell giveaway, and now it is about time to start telling you about their AWESOME products! All off their treats are all natural, with no filler or byproducts in them! The chickens and ducks used are raised in cage free environment and are not given and hormones or antibiotics, making these treats 100% safe for your four legged babies!
Vitality is a line of products enriched with Antioxidents, to help maintain your pet's eyes, skin and coat in top conditions. They have many different products, any my babes LOVED them all!! You know something is good when they lick the inside of the packaging! A word of caution: each jerky package comes with a deoxidizer package. Because it will smell and taste a bit like the jerky, your pets might eat it! Make sure to keep it out of reach or throw it away. It will not harm them, but it might give them a bit of diarrhea! YUCK!

Vitality Jerky - We got samples of 4 different kinds of jerky: Chicken Breast, Duck Breats, Chicken Breast Minis and Catswell Chicken Breast. My dogs loved ALL of them! The chicken and duck breast is too big to give as a whole to the Chihuahuas, but it is easy to tear into smaller chunks. They also loved the Chicken Breast Minis, which are the same chicken breast pressed into small round treats. They are easy to break into halves or quarters as well. The Catswell Chicken Breast jerky was reccomended to me for my Chihuahuas, and it is perfect! It is tiny strips of breast that do not need to be broken up at all! My cat loves it too of course!

I love these treats because they are all natural! You can SEE that it is real chicken and duck breast, so you know it is all natural! There are 4 ingredients, all of which I recognize! (Chicken, flaxseed oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin A).
Simply - Is the safe alternative to rawhide. It is made of pure produce like apples, bananas and sweet potatoes, wrapped in chicken and deydrated like jerky. My four kids LOVED these as well, it was big enough for all of them to lay in their favorite place and chew for a couple minutes!

Biscuits with Benefits - Another hit! My Chihuahus tried to steal these from one another! they are too big to give to the Chihuahuas as a whole, but can be broken up smaller. They are wheat and corn free! They only have the good stuff!
Chicken & Oat Recipe Dry Dog Food - You know something is good when they rip open to package to eat it! I love that chicken is the first ingredient on the list! It is a great balanced diet for your pup and it is all natural. You can not ask for more!

For more info and products, visit . You can purchase their products online there as well!

September 1, 2012